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Definition noun:

Noise Disrup-bution

1. A magazine created with musicians in mind as well as with a passion for all things music industry and art related.

2. We train newcomers in the music/media industry, provide the opportunity to start a portfolio and work on their journalism skills, and allow them to pave their own pathway towards paid opportunities, which we hope to be one as well one day. We also have experienced contributors as well. 

3a. Disrup (from disruption) is the goal to end the status quo for what music journalism should be, we are a publication FOR musicians.

3b. Bution (from distribution) to distribute press about artists who deserve recognition, whether they are overlooked or new to the music industry. 


At Noise Disrup-bution Magazine we work alongside photographers, musicians, writers, and many more creatives. Our main initiative is to empower and uplift musicians, especially small bands/artists as well as musicians from under-represented groups such as women, non-binary, gender-expansive people, and other marginalized groups. The goal is to put a spotlight on those without one!

However, we still also cover our favs who might be big too!

We receive many press releases from Island Records, Universal Music Group, Talluah PR, Magus Wave, and many other awesome studios and publicists! 

Our favorite genres to cover are rock and pop, but we'll cover anything that gives us a reason to. Noise-Disrup-bution's content consists of single reviews, album reviews, playlists, interviews, events, music in media, and vinyl reviews. Noise Disrup-bution is a team effort with our Founder Anna MenganiGraphic Design Director Tayler Miller and our Department Leaders Lauren Rexford, Shannon Lynch and Sydney Gregory.

Meet our founders and team here and feel free to join us as a contributor! 

Our founder was interviewed about Noise Disrup-bution Magazine! Read the interview here by Voyage Ohio. 

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