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Frequently Asked Questions


Some positions are voluntary and unpaid.

How do I join the team as a contributor?

Please visit our contact page! You can either email us at, fill out our Typeform, fill out the website form, or chat with us. 

Is there an age requirement to join?

No! Currently we are a volunteer organization. we ask you are at least a senior in high school with an interest in media, communications, music and/or art!

Are there any required hours per week?

Not necessarily but we recommend at least committing 2-5 hours per week when you can.

Can I receive internship credit?

We are an extremely new publication. We are hoping for an internship track by late 2023-2024 when we are way more established. 

Is this hybrid, remote, or in person?

We are remote! If anyone is interested in a hybrid or remote model, we may offer it later down the line for NY/NJ residents.

Does Noise Disrup-bution Magazine accept interview requests, press releases, or music review requests?

100% yes, please email for further information, or submit music to us via Musosoup or Groover!

How do I keep up with news from Noise?

Subscribe to our newsletter down bellow!

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