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5SOS Drops Highly Anticipated Album 5SOS5

Photo by Andy DeLuca

Two years after the release of their album CALM, 5SOS is finally back with 5sos5! The album now charts at #2 on Billboard. With the exception of "2011" (a single that celebrated the band's ten-year anniversary,) this album marks the first time the band has released new music since 2020.

If you’ve been a longtime follower you might note that 5SOS’ sound has changed with every album, most notably from Sounds Good Feels Good to Youngblood. As the boys have grown through the years, so have their strengths. You get to see that in a lot of the songs on this album.

"Best Friends" showcases all of the boys' vocals, but the verses focus more on members Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford. The song touches on the friendships the band has formed, making it an emotional rollercoaster that will leave 5SOS fans in a puddle of tears.

"CAROUSEL" has a very prominent drumming sequence that displays Ashton Irwin’s talents, something "BLENDER" also does incredibly well. I feel some "Monster Among Men" (off their Youngblood Album) vibes in this track, making listening to it that much more beautiful.

"You Don’t Go To Parties" showcases Calum Hood’s unique vocals. I believe this song is arguably my favorite off the new album. As someone who’s listened to the band since their self-titled era, it’s inspiring to see how much Calum’s voice has grown in both technique and presence. This song feels like a love letter to a younger self or even their older fans who are starting to outgrow their youth and adopt more of a nine-to-five lifestyle. It strikes me as a song that’s processing memories that are beginning to fade. As a young adult, I could relate to it, which made me emotional.

5SOS5 holds closer to the sound of the CALM era. The boys have finally found their unique sound and approach to music, which is reflected in 5sos5. I never thought I’d find myself enjoying ballads or soft vocals, but songs like "Caramel", "Moodswings", "Bleach", and "Older" changed that. This album also has a lot of dark and emotional undertones, which I can appreciate.

It’s safe to say that this album has yet again rocked our socks off. There’s a song for every mood, and with nineteen cohesive tracks, it’s a new sound with a hard-hitting amount of nostalgic elements sprinkled in. I encourage you to give it a listen!


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