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Aidan Bissett Is Alright If You're Ok with His Debut EP

20-year-old Aidan Bissett continues to grow his following at a rapid rate with the release of his debut EP I'm Alright If You're Ok. Based in both Florida and California, Aidan has been releasing music since his 2020 debut single "Different." He signed with Capitol Records before he finished high school. Some may know him from his popular singles "More Than Friends," and "Communication," or from his TikTok page that quickly spiked in followers in 2020. Fans have been longing for a collection of work from Aidan, and this Pop EP, released on October 7th, 2022, was certainly worth the wait and anticipation. Listeners can experience his songwriting and vocals in a whole new form, as he takes us through the stages in a relationship, as well as the different emotions involved.

This diverse five-track EP starts with "All That I'm Craving," is a song about the bubbly and anxious feelings associated with a brand new relationship. The lyrics are straightforward, illustrating a story related to wanting to do nothing but be with the other person all of the time. With the lyrics "I know you're not walkin' just to wander / And I know you're not talkin' just for fun," Aidan reveals that he knows this person feels the same about him, but is holding their emotions back. He continues with "Oh honey, every time you move, I grow fonder / Now I've played too long its far too late to run," which shares those exciting and intriguing feelings that are brought out by the attraction and mystery. This song is then followed by "I Can't Be Your Friend," and this track takes listeners to a further step in a relationship, where one realizes that they can no longer be just friends with the other person. It highlights the aspect of accepting these intense feelings for what they are, as well as the vulnerability of sharing them. This track has an alternative vibe with some distorted sounds in the beginning and was written with Chase Lawrence from COIN.

The next track is a single titled "Tripping Over Air," and it has become Aidan Bissett's fastest-growing hit, with nearly five million streams on Spotify within the month of its individual release. It landed a spot on Spotify's Viral 50 U.S. Chart and is climbing on the Apple Music charts as well. This single is about ignoring those red flags and warning signs in a relationship, simply because the connection was too strong. In this track, it is clear that Aidan realizes this girl is a bad idea, but his feelings are so strong that he is almost blinded to reality. This track is not only catchy but is one that many teenagers and young adults can relate to. It is your classic Pop hit that will not only go viral on social media but will most likely experience radio plays as well.

Following this hit is a track called "A Song For Her" is Aidan's first slower-paced song. It is a heartbreak track that reflects chaotic emotions and thoughts through instruments. It goes back and forth between silent and chaotic, which represents the mental battle that an individual experiences during a heartbreak - a battle between feeling angry and confused, as well as heartbroken and helpless. Hearing Aidan Bissett in a calmer and slower manner is different, but not disappointing, and it is no surprise that he nails this sound as well. His voice is the most vulnerable it has ever been in this track, and it is transparent that his relatable feelings and emotions control this song. Ending the debut EP is the single that gave listeners the first sneak peek into this collection. "Twenty Something" reflects on timing as an important and leading factor in a relationship, and reveals that it was one of the causes of the breakup in this relationship. It shines a light on the fact that those feelings can still exist strongly, but it might not be the right time for a relationship, which is okay. Aidan shares the pain and struggle associated with letting this girl go, but also comes to the realization that it's the best thing to do in the end.

Aidan Bissett is an artist that everyone should keep their eyes on for the years to come. This EP is just a glimpse into his capabilities, and we are already looking forward to hearing more from him in the future. We are also anticipating stage appearances from him, as he goes on a North American tour with The Greeting Committee, which starts on November 6th in Fort Collins, Colorado. This tour will be his second tour this year, as he just recently toured alongside Claire Rosinkranz, whom he released a collaboration called "stuck on us" with! Aidan is the type of writer that we should be thankful to have, as he writes with a sense of relatability and authenticity. Stream this EP on all platforms to fully experience Aidan Bissett's talent!


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