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Alexa Cappelli Returns With Another Relatable Hit ‘Lose Lose’

Edited by Anna Mengani

On November 11th, 2022, alt-pop singer/songwriter Alexa Cappelli released her new single 'Lose Lose.' Inspired by women who best represent female empowerment - such as Julia Michaels, Dua Lipa, Sabrina Carpenter, and Maggie Rogers - Alexa Cappelli falls no short of doing the same with this record. She encourages women to detach themselves from a friendship or romantic relationship when toxicity becomes apparent and repetitive.

The release of this single makes it even more evident that Alexa writes based on experiences. A majority of the tracks in her discography take listeners through a different situation and will then navigate them through the scenario as she confesses her emotions and thoughts. This writing style is what makes her music as relatable as it is. Women can listen and easily connect the song to a similar scene in which they felt the same way or thought the same things.

'Lose Lose' was co-written with Skyler Stonestreet who has collaborated with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, and Pom Pom who has worked with John Legend and renforshort. This funk-pop anthem explains and validates the frustration of feeling like oneself can never do anything right, particularly in the setting of a toxic friendship. The beginning of this record includes a fierce opening verse, "When I invite you, you complain / And when I don't, you tell me off," which allows Alexa to successfully captivate listeners as she continues to paint the picture of the toxic friendship in place.

Alexa makes it apparent that her anger builds up as the track plays, as both the instruments and the vocals pick up in pace and volume as soon as she hits the pre-chorus. By the end of the chorus, she best expresses her frustration with the lines, "I can't win, I can't move, I just can't - It's a lose lose.” With this vulnerable (and catchy) admission of defeated feelings, comes a sense of relatability for those listening. The single's artwork successfully represents the same feelings of being stuck and always at a loss, as the cover art shows the singer and songwriter in the middle of a chessboard surrounded by game pieces, and the music video shows Alexa playing multiple boards and arcade games but becoming frustrated as she continues to lose.

Alexa Cappelli started taking her music career more seriously in 2018 when she auditioned for The Voice, landing a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson. She then decided to leave college early when she realized writing and recording music was what she was meant to do, and by February 22, 2022, she released her first independent EP Confused @ 22.

Following this EP, she signed a record deal with Arista Records and has released four additional singles this year, including 'Lose Lose.’ Slowing down is not on Alexa's agenda anytime soon, as she continues to spend most of her days writing and in the studio. To keep up with Alexa Cappelli and be the first to hear clips of new releases in the near future, you can find her on Tiktok @alexacappellimusic and Instagram @alexacappelli.


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