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All Hype Breathes Life Into the Pop-Punk Genre With Their Nostalgic Single 'Momentum'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Photographer: Kaylee Garrett

All Hype is a pop-punk band based in Portland, Oregon. The band released their latest single "Momentum" on July 7th, 2023. After relocating the band from Honolulu, Hawaii to Portland, Oregon in 2018, they would soon expose the world to their alternative pop-punk sound with their first single "Sit & Spent" on May 31st, 2023. Shortly following their first single, they would release their first EP Misadventures on June 7th, 2019. They announced the release of their latest single "Momentum" on June 21st, 2023 via the band's Instagram account.

"Momentum" is a heart-racing, nostalgic anthemic pop-punk song. The song is filled with an energetic, instantaneous attention-catching instrumental, a catchy easy to sing-along chorus, and emphatic-sounding vocals and harmonies. With all of these elements combined, the song transports you on a trip back to the past during the height of the mid-2000s pop-punk scene.

The song grabs your attention right out of the gate with its rambunctious climaxing instrumental introduction leading up to the first verse. The opening instrumental is a slow build of a fresh crisp guitar riff, a teasing adrenaline-pumping drum beat, and a provocatively prominent sound of a bass joining the fray in the second half of the introductory instrumental. The end of the opening instrumental bursts out into a fully-fledged, boisterous symphony heading into the first verse.

The chorus is filled with an emphatically tantalizing lyrical melody and hooks you'll want to cathartically belt out in a matter of minutes after your first listen of the song. The third verse introduces valiant layers of vocal harmonies. While the song is full of luscious backup vocals and harmonies, in the third verse the lead singer Michael "Stryker" Mollohan and guitarist and backup vocalist Alika Dela Pena deliver the lyrics "When will we ever learn to get back up now? / When will we ever learn to get back up now?" Filled with unfiltered, unapologetically desperate emotion, which remains throughout the verse. The song ends with the encompassing sound of harmonious gang vocals as they chant the closing lyrics of the chorus "Where do these thoughts come from? / I'm losing momentum."

The single is a catchy modern-day take on the pop-punk genre. It's filled with emotionally charged lyrics and vocals, an undeniable, thrillingly upbeat instrumental, and lush lyrical melodies and hooks you'll be hearing in your sleep.

"Momentum" is a perfect listen for both, arising pop-punk scene-goers and the long-term pop-punk veterans who want something new and refreshing but still reminiscent of an old pop-punk jam.


All Hype


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