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Ashe's Emotionally Stunning Album Rae

Edited by: Anna Mengani

Ashe amazes us again with her newest album Rae. She first topped the charts with the single "Moral of the Story” featuring Irish singer Niall Horan in 2020. The album Ashlyn was then released in 2021 with hits like "Til Forever Falls Apart” and “Save Myself.” Ashe teased her latest album with her singles "Another Man’s Jeans," "Angry Woman," and her latest, “omw.”

Rae, released on October 14th is an album about freedom and confidence.

Ashe branched out with this album, which is apparent from the tracks. The theme and overall ambiance speaks for itself. She begins the album with the intro song"Rae’s Theme." The song displays an old mystery show sound woven with a speakeasy impression. This smoothly transitions into "Another Man’s Jeans.” This transition was featured in the music video as well!

"Another Man’s Jeans” talks about a relationship with an ex-partner. The song mentions the bad parts of a relationship but wanting to focus on the good and joyful parts. Ashe mentions the idea of having fun with her ex-partner again, but not in a relationship way, but as explained in the bridge, "here's what I’m not saying ‘let’s get back together,' all I’m saying is for one night and one night only, we can have ourselves a little bit of fun.” She emphasizes the freedom of being stable enough with yourself and each other to have fun without the hold of a relationship. The music video illustrates this perfectly, featuring all sorts of bright colors and patterns depicting the feeling of freedom of expression.

The single "Hope You’re Not Happy” is about the time after a relationship is over when you should be moving on and accepting it, but instead end up doing the opposite. Ashe exclaims that she wishes the best for her ex, but in complete honesty she hopes "you're not happy ever again.”

The fourth track on Rae, "Shower With My Clothes On” discusses the depressing parts of a relationship ending. The parts where you miss them, and feel like nothing can or ever will get better. Ashe’s music video perfectly depicts the exact feeling of just going through the motions. The lyrics Impeccably describe the pain of watching everyone around you enjoying life and being happy while you, "don’t know how to feel," like you're numb.

"On my way!" is a fan favorite about a positive mindset. The song is about dealing with life and the obstacles we face while trying to get to the better side of life. This is better explained in the pre-chorus, "They say that somewhere over the rainbow, the sun'll be shining the birds'll be flying, there's no denying I'm, I’m on my way”. The music video defines this theme with Ashe keeping to herself and just enjoying life when someone does something like stealing her outside decor or grabbing her bottom without consent. The video shows the constant struggles throughout her day and in the end she’s still smiling even after getting brutally beaten up by a woman.

"Angry Woman” is my personal favorite. The song focuses on being a woman in a society made for and run by men. The music video is an amazing interpretation, featuring men roughly cutting up her clothes and ends with Ashe bare, covering herself. This is a great representation of the exposing nature of growing up constantly being sexualized and feeling exposed to the world.

Ashe closes the album with "Fun While It Lasted,” which really sets a closing tone with both the beat and lyrics. She is an amazing artist who flawlessly describes feelings through her music even when you feel like no one understands. She has a beautiful way of interpreting those feelings and making people feel heard through her music.

I can’t wait for her upcoming Fun While It Lasted tour. I look forward to seeing her in concert in Houston on May 17th of 2023!


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