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ATEEZ At Coachella Had Everyone's Attention

Edited by Iceis Augustino

All 8 ATEEZ members
Photo Cred: O'Neilly News

The two-week extravaganza that is Coachella Music Festival was well under way as the weekend of April 12-14 ended in the deserts of Indio, California. However, Friday night, April 12th, was the beginning of one of the biggest festivals we have in the United States every year. The five different stages saw a wide range of artists playing throughout the night including one of the biggest K-Pop groups right now, eight member group, ATEEZ. They are personally one of my favorite groups right now also, so staying up until 1:45AM EST (10:45 PST) was well worth the wait. Starting out the set with 'Say My Name' and moving into songs like 'Guerilla' and 'Crazy Form' before ending the show with a few of my favorite songs of theirs, including 'Bouncy (K-Hot Chilli Peppers)' and 'Wonderland', which are some of their more popular songs. They blasted the audience with not only amazing vocals, but breathtaking dance moves. If you have never seen a K-Pop group perform, their dancing is top tier and always in sync. The screams from the crowd could be heard from other stages being broadcast live, even though they were pretty distanced from the other stages.

This group was the last to perform on the Sahara stage for the night, and I think it was the best way to end the first night of Coachella. During the set, they stopped and talked about their experience and how their first time in California was six years ago as they were only Trainees for KQ Entertainment in the K-Pop industry, along with groups like Stray Kids. During their performance, they teased an upcoming summer tour in locations like Los Angeles, Duluth, New York, etc. Other locations are sure to come, but these are the current known locations.

Debuting in October of 2018, the group immediately skyrocketed and since then have released 10 EP's and 2 full length studio albums. They have also released albums in Japanese along with their Korean originals counterparts. They are a part of the Fourth Generation of K-Pop artists in the industry, and they are consistently at the top of the charts. They also performed the same setlist from weekend one at weekend two of the massive music festival to a second audience, on the same stage. Of course, they did absolutely amazing the second weekend, one might even argue it was better than the first, but that may have just been that the camera work was better the second weekend. They ended the show with a hint at a new Era, keep your eyes open for the Golden Hour. While you’re doing that, keep an eye out for the upcoming shows and tour dates on their website below!




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