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Bass Drum of Deaths' Say I Won't Tour Takes Garage Rock to All New Levels

Words edited by Anna Mengani

Bass Drum of Death stopped by Boston on April 3rd to deliver an electrifying performance at Brighton Music Hall. The band is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour promoting their fifth studio album, Say I Won’t.

Photos by Praagna Kashyap

The night began with post-punk band Dead Tooth in an energetic set filled with head-banging, yelling, and hair-flipping. Frontman Zach James frequently stepped off the stage and sang directly to the crowd, fostering an intimate experience. It was heartwarming to see the bandmates move across the stage to interact with one another, making it clear that their musical prowess is underscored by a genuine friendship and a love of performing together.

Shortly after, Bass Drum of Death took the stage to showcase their signature groovy, yet raw garage-rock anthems. Unlike their prior discography which was solely recorded by lead singer John Barrett, Say I Won’t was a collaborative effort involving the band’s touring members. This sense of synergy was felt in their live performance as well– thundering drum and guitar solos highlight the members’ individual talents and seamlessly mesh to form a unique sound only this trio could produce. The crowd of fans singing and dancing along are proof that Bass Drum of Death is an undeniable force to be reckoned with in rock music.

Catch Bass Drum of Death as they continue their U.S. tour, and check out their latest release Say I Won't!


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