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Bear Within Us Releases New Single Devil's Day

Edited by Brianna Garza

bear within us new photo for single devil's day

Devils' Day is a new single from rock/metal group Bear Within Us. Bear Within Us is a rock/metal band based in Tampa, Florida originally formed in 2018. The name was based around the idea that although many of us portray ourselves as ferocious beast on the outside, on the inside we’re all just big teddy bears. According to the band, the story of the single is that of a man abandoned in a zombie apocalypse. Alone,he’s doing his best to find the cure for a virus that’s already started to take over. With his grip on reality being the first to go.

The song was released on Friday, June 30th on all platforms. If you enjoy bands such as Metallica, you will enjoy the music from this group. And remember, there’s a bear within you, there’s a bear within me, there’s a bear within all of us. Check out their music and the new song at the links below!


Bear Within Us Social Media


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