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Benjamin Freedman's Alt-Pop EP (un)known is Now Known

Edited by: Anna Mengani

Benjamin Freedman is a singer/songwriter, and producer from Charlottesville, Virginia. Freedman took on songwriting during his early teen years to express difficult feelings such as faith, love, and identity. After his sudden success on TikTok in early 2021, he decided to work on his music with the goal of sharing it with the world.

(un)known is the first project Benjamin has released. The EP harbors an alternative pop sound that’s inspired by artists such as Twenty One Pilots and The 1975. The lyrics are wholehearted with soft and clean vocals. Each song contains smooth beats and honest, emotional lyrics.

The opening track is a prelude that sets the mood for the rest of the EP. The track transitions smoothly into the first song, "Someone In The World." It starts off slowly with a simpler beat and through the chorus with nice layering of his voice and synth sounds. “Someone In The World” never picks up instrumentally and stays consistent.

"Don’t Trip" is more upbeat and is visibly inspired by Twenty One Pilot with its talking verses. The mood of this song is lighter and more optimistic while Benjamin is confessing his love.

"The Way You Love" is my favorite song from the EP. It has a more mature sound. Both the voice and production match perfectly. The lyrics show self-reflection while the chorus has a catchy rhythm. The track also has a recognizable bridge that is kept during the last chorus and until the end of the song which gives the song more dimension.

The EP ends with "Sirens," which in my opinion has the most intricate production. There are instruments are added and removed throughout the song, and Benjamin's singing voice is amazing. The feelings are heightened, and the song and lyrics feel more confident.

True to himself, Freedman shares an honest project with potential and a chance to keep sharing soft vocals mixed with thrilling beats.


Find Benjamin Freedman Here


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