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BEOM HAN Breaks Barriers With Independent Debut Single 'Me, Myself & I'

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Photo of BEOM HAN preparing and applying lipstick
Photo credit: @beomhanofficial on Instagram

If you've been following BEOM HAN since the beginning, you are probably aware that his journey has been something of a rollercoaster. On January 31, 2024, our BEOM HAN finally debuted with his first single, 'Me Myself & I.' As much as there have been mixed reviews on the new release, I would like to highlight some of the things that make this release stand out and start off by saying I am so proud of this artist. This industry, specifically, is really hard to break into, and he's doing it all on his own terms, which is amazing.

It takes an incredible amount of tenacity and guts to take risks. BEOM HAN did just that. After departing with FM Entertainment, BEOM HAN continued to dive head-first into his dreams. To do something like that independently takes a lot of courage. BEOM HAN has worked his butt off for this moment. The first thing I noticed while listening to this single is that BEOM HAN has grown a lot both as an artist and as a human. The lyrics to this song felt incredibly personal and raw, which is right on brand. After some careful deliberation and deconstruction of the lyrics, at surface level, the song seems like your typical love song; however, after re-reading some of the lyrics, I've come to another deeper conclusion. The song can also be a testament to his journey as a musician. I think specifically of verse 2 and the pre-chorus, especially the lyrics:

"They yell at me, 'You're up to no good.' And my heart's still receiving lies. It's killing me, but I see the signs in between the lines." and "Now, I can't think straight. Cracks that I ignore begin to break. I'm struggling to take this kind of weight. I'm doing all I can to keep from breaking, but I keep on looking in your eyes."

BEOM HAN has mentioned before that many of his hate comments are things that he's already thought about himself, which I perceive to be radiated in these very raw lyrics. But at the same time, his fans are what's holding him together. So metaphorically, they are the eyes he's looking into, which in turn causes him to be the realest version of himself that he can be, even if he tries really hard to hide that.

I also loved that BEOM HAN took the risk of singing rather than sticking just to rap. Most of us are aware that his previous releases were very rap-heavy. So, departing from that took a lot of strength. To explore that kind of change as an artist is very difficult, which is what makes me even more proud of this debut and is a huge example of exploring growth.

On to the musical composition itself, the backtracking beat is incredibly smooth and soothing. Which I know wasn't probably the original vision, but it still works. There's a beautiful rhythm there.

I think my favorite part about this release is the visuals. BEOM HAN is an incredible dancer, which can be seen in both of his performance videos. The choreography alone really stands out to me. I also adore the style and lighting he chose for this release specifically. It is very sleek and modern, which I think adds to the ambiance and pulls from some of his favorites, which makes it uniquely his.

To be an artist and release everything on your own without a songwriter or producer is difficult and, ultimately, an incredible feat. The fact that BEOM HAN has put his heart and soul into this release makes it much more incredible. When you think about the time, effort, and passion that was put into this project, it makes it that much more special. There are very few people who would have the guts to break barriers, and BEOM HAN is one of them. We all have to start somewhere, and I see this as just the beginning for BEOM HAN. Even with the mixed reviews, there's so much room for growth and expansion it makes me incredibly excited to see what he releases next. To be a part of an artist's journey of self-discovery is so beautiful.


BEOM HAN, If you're reading this, your fans are so proud of you and everything you work for. 'Me Myself & I' is just the beginning. Keep pushing through, and don't forget we love you and your artistry! You're the realest. You've got this!



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