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Better Lovers Kicks Off a Very Energetic Tour in Indianapolis

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Last Thursday kicked off the wild first night of Better Lovers’ spring tour, making a stop at Old National Centre in Indianapolis. The hardcore punk band also brought some other great bands on the road with them: Greyhaven, Foreign Hands, and SeeYouSpaceCowboy. The crowd consisted of people of all ages, both grey-haired seasoned concertgoers and a younger kid on barricade whose dad was excited to tell me it was his first show ever.

Greyhaven, a progressive post-hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky, was first up in the night. They wasted no time starting the night off with a bang. They were definitely an opener that set the bar high for just how much energy was expected from the crowd that night, and their music had some amazing guitar parts, too.


Second in line for the night was Foreign Hands, a New England-born band influenced by early 2000s metalcore. There was absolutely no drop in energy when they came onstage, with their singer bouncing around on stage for the entire set. But make sure to pay attention to the backing tracks to their music as well - it’s got a ton of fun effects happening in it.

Foreign Hands

SeeYouSpaceCowboy, a sasscore/punk band from San Diego, California, came on right before Betters Lovers, and they did not disappoint. Within about the first five seconds, bassist Taylor Allen had launched himself onto the barricade right next to me and another photographer, and truthfully I’m not sure how he got there or back to the stage because of how fast it happened. The band had a successful time getting moshpits started, with one taking up about half of the room. They also played a couple of new songs that night for us off their new album Coup de Grâce which was released to the public during their set time.


Ending off the night was Better Lovers, with a build-up of a variety of love songs up until the band walked on right as ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen was ending. They all had great energy on stage, making sure to stay as close to the edge as they could to connect with the crowd - which did almost result in one of the front monitors almost going overboard. Crowdsurfing began when the photographers left the pit, and they gave the security a run for their money. The amount of them only grew stronger when vocalist Greg Puciato climbed up on the barricade to be with them, offering the mic over to the ones who reached them and generally just having a great time.

Better Lovers

Better Lovers played some new songs for everyone that night, surprising everyone in the crowd since the band had only recently celebrated their one year of existence. The crowd had their own surprises in store, though, starting up a chant of “Better Lovers!” - something the band said was a first for them. 

If you want to catch this tour, don’t stress. There are plenty of stops left for you to see them. And, hey, if you do, check out the merch stand. There’s a really great shirt with what I believe is possum Jesus on it, and it definitely seemed to be a crowd favorite.



Foreign Hands


Better Lovers


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