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Bryce Vine's Electric Essence at Brooklyn Steel

Edited by Mav Mercer

Embark on a journey through Bryce Vine's unforgettable performance at Brooklyn Steel on Monday, March 11th that exceeded expectations. The night unfolded with Bryce Vine's long-time friend, Hoodie Allen, setting the tone by opening the show with a burst of energy and balloons from Dollar General that foreshadowed the lively performance to come. Amidst the vibrant hues and electrifying beats, Bryce Vine, the mastermind behind hits like 'Drew Barrymore' and 'Sour Patch Kids,' took the stage, turning an ordinary Monday into a captivating celebration that felt more like a wild Saturday night. As Bryce Vine effortlessly guided the crowd to an exhilarating night with his charismatic stage presence and melodies, he created an atmosphere that night of pure euphoria that lingered, bringing fans back for years to come.

Bryce Vine


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