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Camens Releases Youthful Single 'Jacket Weather'

Camens's newest single 'Jacket Weather' was released recently on February 24th. 'Jacket Weather' brings warmth back to the cold winter we've been having lately. The single is the kind of track you'd listen to while rolling your car windows down to enjoy the 65-degree weather during the spring. It's enjoyable, freeing, and automatically puts you in a great mood.

"Far from London though, it's more sun-baked concrete on the LA river, and we swap Terry and Julie for two star-crossed young Americans. They're poor, but when together carefree. The idea in 'this isn't Jacket Weather anymore' being that the sun coming out and you not needing your jacket is nice momentarily, but your life doesn’t fundamentally change in any way. It’s nice now, it will rain again eventually."


The song starts with a rhythmically bouncy drum and guitar, with nostalgia-filled chord progressions and smooth vocals. The instrumentation makes you want to dance. When listening to 'Jacket Weather' I imagine running onto the beach while throwing your shoes off since the weather is finally nice for the first time in months.

Camens is a four-piece band that has gained lots of attention on Spotify in the past year with over 130,000 streams. They have also been played on the Amazing Radio UK and USA, BBC Introducing, and XS Manchester. The band is making their way in the UK indie scene and clearly has our attention in the United States as well. We hope to hear more music from Camens soon, check out their social media below!


Camen's Social Media


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