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Caroline Romano and Julian Rose Release Powerful Single 'Fighting a War'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Alt-pop singers, Caroline Romano and Julian Rose, recently joined forces to create a new single 'Fighting a War' which will take the Pop-punk and alt-pop scenes by storm. With Romano being an absolute powerhouse and Rose's raspy RnB vocals it's a song sure to get you emotional.

Imagine it’s 2008, it’s 10 pm and you have school the next day, but all you can think about is your crush who is so incredibly oblivious, so you lay on your bed and turn on your moodiest mixtape. All I can say is this single would have definitely been on mine and this is exactly what I envisioned upon listening to it.

Romano, especially in this song, is quickly making her mark in the music industry. She reminds me of artists such as Taylor Acorn and Charlotte Sands who have also been on the rise in the alternative scene lately. This song holds a lot of the same vibes as Romano’s November release 'Me After September' (which has been on my playlist since it came out) while still adding a fresh new RnB vibe.

Romano and Rose mention in the song description that this single is about two sides of the same story. Romano noted that both she and Rose had met over the summer and built the song from the chorus, which Rose had come up with in only 15 minutes. Talk about musical genius! Rose’s influence in this song reminds me of artists similar to Brakence or Blackbear but he puts his own unique twist on the RnB vibes.

Between Romano and Rose, their vocals meld together elegantly to create an interesting, fresh, and captivating sound, bringing a new perspective to their respective genres. It’s definitely a relatable feeling when you listen to the lyrics. Especially if you’ve ever been in a position where you were maybe pulling more weight than the other person or things don’t seem to click as quickly as they used to. I could feel the drifting apart the minute the first chorus played.

Both lyrically and instrumentally stacked, these two make for a perfect musical duo. All in all, if you’re looking to score a sick new beat to add to your springtime playlists I think you’ve hit the jackpot here!

Be sure to check 'Fighting a War' on all streaming platforms!


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