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Carson Ferris Releases Heartfelt Single 'Drive Alone'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Carson Ferris is an upcoming 12-year-old singer/songwriter from Provo, Utah. His music is upbeat, fun, and meaningful. Carson takes inspiration from solo artists such as Alec Benjamin, and Ed Sheeran, and bands such as OneRepublic. Carson’s newest single, 'Drive Alone' was released earlier this week on Friday, January 13th.

'Drive Alone' discusses the issues and roadblocks many solo artists face. Specifically, the idea of having contradicting thoughts, what they should do with their music, and where to go in the future. In this song, Carson reveals that he is fine 'Driving Alone,' and going off on his own path if that's what he wants to do, even if it's what others don't want him to do. Carson wrote a majority of this song in the car on the way to a meeting, after hearing his GPS say “take the next left.”

The track was co-written by Michael Van Wagoner, 'MYKYL,' as well as LA-based, award-winning songwriter Jasmine Crowe. In addition to co-writers, the song was also mixed by Adam Turley, mastered by Eric Disero, and included Jen Marco on vocal production and Maren Gayle in engineering. This group combined each of their unique skills and talents to produce 'Drive Alone,' which quickly gained attention. The music video already has almost 500 views!

Carson has been taking the music industry by storm. At just 12 years old, he is already well-trained in both vocals and guitar, and he continuously proves this through performances of both covers on his Youtube channel and original songs. He was also a part of the world-famous One Voice Children’s Choir, who competed on season 9 of America’s Got Talent

We are looking forward to seeing what Carson has in store for 2023! Make sure to check out his social media and website below!


Carson Ferris's Social Media


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