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Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Closes out their June Tour In Winston Salem NC

Words edited by Anna Mengani

With an intense sound, that is an unbelievable mix of unique styles, but are considered a noise rock trio, Ceramic Dog closed out their tour alongside the jazz quartet The Bad Plus at The Ramkat in Winston Salem North Carolina on June 18th.

Photos by Bethany Brandys

Ceramic Dog

Having such a mix of styles, Ceramic Dog is able to take the listener through a wild ride by mixing elements of rock, jazz, avant-garde, and much more. Each piece is played with a striking sound that allows you to travel down a road that you wish would never come to an end. The trio uses their instruments to pull every last feeling from the listener until all you have left are the rollercoaster of emotions that make you come back to the ride over and over again. If you were not able to make it out for this June tour make sure you keep your eyes out for a new tour; along with their next album that will be released in July.

The Bad Plus

Co-lining tonight along the Ceramic Dog is the jazz quartet The Bad Plus. This quartet takes jazz to a different level by adding in rock and pop elements to add flavorful dimensions to their modern avant-garde jazz. With a bold sense of creativity, this band cannot be put into a standard box of what jazz is. Their sound has no limits and connects with the listener in the most soulful manner possible. Make sure you give these guys a listen and keep your eyes open for when they come to a city near you.


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