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Corvair Debuts Holiday Single I Believe in Christmas

Words edited by Anna Mengani

Portland-based indie pop band Corvair debuted their third consecutive Christmas single "I Believe in Christmas." The single is currently available on Bandcamp and Youtube. The song will now available on Spotify and Apple Music along with other playlist shares.

"I Believe in Christmas" takes listeners on an adventure from the year-round cynicism of life, to the end of the year magic as one surrenders to the holiday season of the Christmas spirit. The lead vocalist is Corvair’s Heather Larimer who also contributed to the song’s story, melody, and lyrics as well as bandmate Brian Naubert.

"Brian and I are both unabashed Christmas dorks. We love it. The rest of the year we are borderline misanthropes, but we just give ourselves over completely to the hope and beauty of Christmastime. The song is about internal tension. How can you be such a cynical adult, but it’s still impossible not to see Christmas with the eyes of a child."

- Heather Larimer

Their previous holiday songs are inspired by Larimer’s hometown of Omaha. "The landscape is frozen solid and everything’s colorless and harsh. But that just makes all the earnest un-ironic Christmas decorations so much more magical. They feel pretty miraculous among that bleakness." "I Believe in Christmas” is also the band’s playful counterpoint to The Sonics' “Don’t Believe in Christmas," a favorite Christmas song that Naubert grew up listening to.

The band's previous holiday songs "Under the Tree" and “Flannel Pajamas” are also available on all playlist shares including YouTube and the band’s website. Later this month the band plans to debut a yule log inspired lyric video of the song.


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