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Cristina Hron Hits Home with Single, 'Forbidden Fruit'

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Photo of Cristina Hron

This one is for all of the LGBTQ+ humans out there. If you've ever had a moment where you realized your family had found out about your sexuality before you had a chance to tell them, this song is perfect for you. Los Angeles native Cristina Hron just released a gay anthem called 'Forbidden Fruit.' It is a chill pop song with lots of moments where you realize that she has also gone through these things that make us all human. "They found that picture, one secret in a thousand words like holy scripture singing hymns about her."

January 19th, 2024, saw the release of this LGBTQ+ anthem that has a chill and soft beat but a deep story behind it. Cristina is seen as a 'glam lesbian pop icon.' And I absolutely agree with it. This three-and-a-half-minute bop is worth the listen. This song is the perfect example of how what life could be like for someone after they were inadvertently outed to their family and the rocky path of life after having to deal with the backlash of their fury. The music is chill and soft, but the lyrics hold the power of the song. It gives the pain of the hidden love with the repetition of the words 'forbidden fruit' throughout the song. As someone who battled with my own realization of my sexuality, this song hit me deeply. Especially the lyrics, "I'd rather burn in Hell than live a lie in Heaven."

Not only is the song a battle of finding the peace of outing yourself versus being outed by family or friends or people in your life, but it is also a battle of fighting the years of religion that told you that you would burn in Hell for loving someone of your own sex. So this song means a lot to me, and I'm sure it will mean a lot to many others who are fighting the same battle. And it means a lot to those who are struggling to find themselves outside of the identity that they held for their entire lives. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a listen. Here is the music video for 'Forbidden Fruit.'

Cristina Hron


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