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Damien Owono's Relatable Single Love is Tragic

Damien Owono is a talented upcoming indie/R&B artist from Normandy, France. His inspirations are Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Lizzy McAlpine. These inspirations are apparent in his new single 'Love is Tragic.' His soothing, rich vocals accompanied by the relaxing instrumental are a great mix for this song. The guitar plays euphoric indie chords, while the 808 drums give the song momentum.

'Love is Tragic' was a song that was born out of heartbreak. The song has a strong message of coming to terms with the disappointment sometimes love gives us. Love can be trial and error, but at the end of the day, we still try to push through and persevere.

The music video for 'Love is Tragic,' is about a young artist sharing his naive expectations of love and relationships. The music video lets us know that no one is safe from the possible negative outcomes of a relationship and that the next day can be a completely different story.

Damien is an artist that seeks to develop deep meaning into his songs and offer his audience a sense of closeness to him. We hope to hear more music from him in 2023!


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