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Dandelion Head Returns With New Folk Single 'Sad Eyes'

Melbourne and LA-based singer/songwriter, J. Blynn, also known as Dandelion Head, is back with his new single 'Sad Eyes.' Following the split of his previous band Harper Blynn, J. Blynn rebranded under the name Dandelion Head. A melodic, catchy tune opens with a deep bass riff mixed with high, relaxed vocals as Blynn begins his folk single, that was released earlier this year. The song is very mellow and light, while continuing to be insanely catchy as Blynn brings the peace in the form of a melancholy tune. 

This is Blynn’s first single of 2023, following a few releases between 2018 and 2022 and an album in 2017. His music brings a lovely light, element mixed with indie and folk backgrounds. 'Sad Eyes' is a lovely melody about someone who is so lonely despite being surrounded by their friends and their world. With lyrics like "Should be easy in a house of friends/ Everybody asking, ‘How you been?’” and "Feel like the flowers following the sun/ Petals drop slowly one by one”. Blynn speaks of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness despite having multiple acquaintances; saying that unless you know yourself it’s hard to know anything at all.

Coming from someone who struggles with loneliness and self-isolation, it’s important to speak up about it or else you might lose yourself entirely. 'Sad Eyes' is an incredibly catchy tune with relatable and impactful lyrics, that can speak to listeners of all types.

You can find Dandelion Head’s full discography below, as well as his socials and other media platforms to keep up with!


Dandelion Head's Social Media


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