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davvn's Latest Infectious Single 'anybody else?'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Photo taken by Josh Kranich

Nashville-based pop-rock duo davvn released their latest single "anybody else?" on June 23rd, 2023. The duo announced the release of their latest single "anybody else?" on their Instagram on June 12, 2023. davvn has been making a splash in their career within the pop–punk scene. So far, the band has accumulated 60,394 monthly listeners on Spotify, 13.8 thousand Instagram followers, and a whopping 54.7 thousand TikTok followers. In addition to that, davvn has been racking up their list of accolades, which includes but is not limited to collaborating with the esteemed rock band Bowling for Soup on the track "2002," having several of their songs featured on Netflix's series Twentysomethings: Austin and MTV's reality TV series Teen Mom, and premiered their track "2002" on BBC's Radio 1's Future Alternative. The duo released their first song "Felt Something" on June 8th, 2018, and has continued to cement their presence in the pop-punk scene ever since.

"anybody else?" Is a light, bouncy empathetic pop-punk song telling the all too familiar story of anxiety, self-doubt, and bottling up emotions that most people face. The song is filled with full-force energetic guitar riffs, vigorous euphonic vocals, and vivid jouncing drum beats combined into a scintillating pop-punk song.

The song starts off with a welcoming light-hearted strum of an acoustic guitar, thumping electronic beats, and the eventual introduction of the lavishly deep sounds of a bass joining the layers of the instrumental, which creates a whimsically playful demeanor before ejecting into the exhilarating, hard-hitting climatic chorus, which is filled with feverishly vivacious electric guitar riffs and charming head-bob worthy drum beats. Throughout the song, the vocals possess a vulnerable yet effervescent tone to them. During the chorus, the lyrics touch on the oh-so-relatable topic of the sometimes overwhelming feeling of drowning in self-doubt, the inner mental turmoil we tend to go through, and the feeling of wanting to start the journey of bettering ourselves, yet falling into a never-ending pit because we don't know where to start with lyrics like,

"I'm just holding on right now / Wanting to get better but life just weighs me down / It's getting kinda heavy / Get stressed when I get sad / Wasting time that I don’t have then blame it on myself / Does anybody else?"

After the second chorus, the song bursts with a forceful powerhouse of a bridge with genuine, raw vehement vocals as the lyrics "Do you fake that you're doing well? / Tell your friends you don't need help then blame it on yourself." Are shouted with a sense of indisputable pleading emotion of anguish before looping back through the melodic chorus to close out the song.

"anybody else?" Is an emotionally-driven, infectiously vibrant pop-rock song advocating some of the many dark mental health problems some people face on a daily basis. "anybody else?" Is a perfect listen for anyone searching for a sense of connectivity while going through a grim isolating period of their life.




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