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Deadicate's New Dark And Gritty Single 'Orphan'

Edited by Anjali Harrichan

Photo credit: James Cassidy

Deadicate is an artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Their music is a combination of deep, dark-sounding hip-hop and heavy, gritty, gothic industrial metal. He recently released his newest single 'Orphan' on April 7th, 2023.

'Orphan' is a song that delivers a hefty, hellacious metal experience straight from the beginning. The song delivers its degree of heaviness in the form of a thick, spine-chilling instrumental, fierce soul-penetrating lyrics, and densely hoarse vocals making you feel like you walked face-first into a wall of viciously cathartic sound.

The song starts off with a ghastly, eerie intro. The verses engulf you with a simple yet harsh guitar riff and drum beat paired with heavy, gritty, guttural vocals. The pre-chorus picks up in intensity and anticipation at the chorus with a consistently ferocious-sounding guitar and a brief rapidly paced drum beat at the tail end of the pre-chorus. The chorus is utterly savage as Deadicate brutally sings the lyrics:

"Death in my design. Look into my eyes. Orphan of a host, I need a sacrifice."

The bridge contains a prominently complicated hard-core guitar solo that is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. The song ends with a groovy, exciting guitar riff and a final bold three-beat hit of the drums that brings a fittingly abrupt end to the song.

'Orphan' gives the listener a slow-paced yet blisteringly vivacious chilling metal experience that will give you goosebumps by the end. 'Orphan' is a great listen for anyone looking for a hauntingly melancholic, macabre thematic song. Check out Dedicate's music and social media below!


Deadicate's Social Media


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