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Insider: The Latest from Dean Lewis's Tour and Newest Album 'The Hardest Love'

Edited by Anna Mengani

Since releasing his hit single, 'Be Alright' in 2018, Sydney, Australia native Dean Lewis has swept the world by storm. With inspiration from bands like The Kooks and Oasis, as well as rappers such as Eminem, Dean is able to combine aspects of spoken word, rap, and heartfelt lyrics to create emotional but beautiful tracks. No matter if you are going through a breakup, suffering from the loss of a loved one, or even need a feel-good track to dance to, Dean has a song for you! A few weeks ago, I was able to sit in on a press conference with Dean and hear him speak about his upcoming tour and the release of his new album, The Hardest Love. Dean describes this album as a "time capsule of events from his life."

When discussing the creation of his music, Dean explained that his main goal is to write for himself before anyone else, reflecting on things that have happened to him and how they affected his life. From there, he hopes to connect and relate to listeners, all while sharing a personal story. In addition to this, he described his writing process as wanting to put the listener "in a scene" - drawing them in with specific back-and-forth type events to hold interest and making the listeners feel as if they were there, almost as if they were in a movie scene! In one of his newest releases, 'How Do I Say Goodbye,' Dean reveals the grief he is feeling after finding out his father had only a 25% chance of living due to illness. "You gave me my name and the color of your eyes" is just one of the many heartwarming set of lyrics present throughout the song.

From attending this conference and speaking to Dean, it was clear to see how humble and down - to earth he is. From recognizing a fan on the call that attends a lot of his shows, to taking a moment to talk about his Starbucks go-to order: an Iced Americano, Dean showed constant kindness and authenticity. He talked about his upcoming tour and his goals for the tour, the most important one being to continue to sell out venues.

When asked what the biggest roadblock has been for him as a singer/songwriter, he explained how it can oftentimes be a struggle to learn the importance of lyrics and melodies. In addition to this, he reveals how he felt when his music started going viral on TikTok. He describes TikTok as a game changer, something that provides both good and bad to singers and musicians. In order to be successful on TikTok, Dean explains, you need to "know the rules/ how to follow them, and play the game." Transitioning yourself into the music business from TikTok is definitely a challenge, but Dean has proven that with dedication and hard work, you will see extreme success!

We look forward to seeing what Dean has in store for us later in the year.

Watch the music video for Dean's newest song 'How Do I Say Goodbye!'


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