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Devil In Disguise's Enthrallingly Hard-Hitting Single 'Rise'

Edited by Mav Mercer

The members of Devil In Disguise performing on stage under red lighting in front of a crowd.
Photo credit: Jack Nutter

Baltimore, Maryland’s heavily poignant hard-rock band Devil In Disguise, returned with their latest single, 'Rise' released on March 15th. After a brief hiatus from their ravishingly savage debut single, 'Purge’, released on August 21st, 2019, they’ve returned with an absolute shockwave. As of March 16th, their debut single has collected a hefty 2,873 streams since its upload to Spotify on December 22nd, 2022. With the release of 'Rise’, there’s no doubt the heavy, rivetingly powerful group’s momentum will snowball going forward.


As a whole, 'Rise’ creates a tantalizingly seamless listening experience. With smooth, profound vocals, shattering drops, tranquil flowing lyric melodies, and a galvanizing instrumental, the song blends the easy-to-listen-to, deeply excitable elements of hard-rock with the piercingly smashing aggression of metalcore. 'Rise’ will incite a grooving, unbridled energy within you that will keep you going.

Starting with a sporadic, rapid burst of attention-grabbing drums, the song melts into a fluent melodic instrumental arrangement before leading into the first verse. The layered combination of a brightly chiming lead guitar melody and the sounds of crisp grinding rhythm guitar that creates a rock-solid foundation guides the song with fluidity into the first verse, piquing your interest to listen for what’s to come.


Traversing into the verse, the instrumental fades into a mixture of laid-back swift drum beat and enticingly satiating vocals leading you through the first half of the verse. It creates an easygoing yet satisfactory transition to the instrumentally charged, slightly punchy second half of the verse. Trading between an intermittent injection of coarse edging bursts of guitar and a riff that builds a solacing sway within you, you feel captivated and suavely prepared for the upcoming chorus.


Taking charge, leading the chorus after a brief pause, is the adamantly soulful vocal delivery of the lyrical declaration, “I just want to rise.” It pulls you in with the brief reappearances of the tantalizing lead guitar melody from the beginning. The music pushes forward with a brutally, energetically exhilarated instrumental mixture. The tail-end of the chorus gives you a palatable taste of the fierce metalcore elements to come. With an impactful drop, the instrumental combines into a heavy, electrifyingly searing vessel and an absolute ferociously explosive screaming vocal delivery for the riling proclamation of the lyrics “And rise!


Throughout the sonically facile journey, you have encountered satisfactory blends of harmonious yet superficially gritty clean vocals, lively melodic instrumental transitions, and interjecting viciously solid drops. All of these build up to the landmine drop of a breakdown. As the guitars gracefully taunt you, which, as anyone in the metalcore scene knows, is a telltale sign of what to expect, the song implodes into a volatile, ruthless breakdown.


For the remainder of the song, after another chorus delivery, the final chorus layers the clean vocals with the deep guttural screams in a way that sets the song up for a cathartically satiating final delivery of “And rise!” As the song fades to its end.


'Rise’ delivers an indulgingly vivacious journey filled with dynamic, high energy. Lyrics that will ignite your inner burning tenacity. And sensationally not overpowering metalcore and hard-rock elements. It’s a song that’ll get your blood pumping while leading you through an effortlessly memorable listening experience.

Devil In Disguise


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