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Djo Shares His Wisdom With Album DECIDE

The actor and musician Djo (also known as Joe Keery) is back again with his sophomore album DECIDE, a follow-up to his previous album "Twenty Twenty." DECIDE is not only a fun synth-pop kilter but a deep and personal discography. Djo differentiates himself from his on-screen fame by making his mark in the music industry.

Many people, especially those who watch the famous Netflix series Stranger Things, did not expect Steve "The Hair" Harrington to release what may be the best album of the year. Djo left no room for disappointment with thought-provoking tracks such as "On and On" and "End of the Beginning." While previous singles, "Change" and "Half-Life," are the comfort odes to his fans, who can relate to Djo's conflicted feelings towards growing up and becoming a young adult.

Songs such as "Runner" and "Gloom" bestow an ever-so-inviting sound. These tracks illustrate that nothing good comes from not facing change, as the musician admits to being a fool and not seeing his shortcomings. Djo almost takes it upon himself to follow a philosophy to teach his listeners to be brave by speaking his truth through music and songwriting.

I find Djo's profound and touching lyricism is what truly distinguishes him from other artists. Instead of DECIDE being another album about heartbreak, it’s a real and upfront commentary about the media and world. Djo perfectly puts the right words to how lost some of us might feel, trying to understand what really matters to his audience.

With a masterpiece of an album, I recommend listening to DECIDE on all streaming platforms!


Find Djo Here


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