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Elena Shelton Brings Life Back to the Psychedelic Scene With ‘Wild Night’

From a family full of creators comes Elena Shelton. A Californian native, Shelton has experienced almost everything there is to experience in life and has put all her knowledge and experiences into a beautiful love letter to her past, present, and future.

'Wild Night’ is one of her two new singles, released to bring anticipation to her upcoming debut album. A lovely mix of Irish folk and psychedelic indie, Shelton has created a spirit with this single. Her light harmonies and combination of calm guitar and percussion, creates a magical song that transports you to the mountains of the west coast. You can almost feel the wind and the salt air whipping against your face.

As previously mentioned, Shelton comes from a family of creators so this exceptional artistry has been flowing through her since she was born. Before pursuing music, Shelton worked as a doula; aiding in the births of many children, which has provided her with the beautiful experience of bringing something new into our world and taught her things that most haven’t lived to know. Her experiences are evident in ‘Wild Night’ as she talks about what we think we know and what we really don’t know, especially when it comes to loss and grief. I feel that today, we don’t truly understand loss and how it can be a group experience and not just an isolating, lonely one.

Shelton has been writing the songs on her upcoming album for over a decade now, and this single is truly a well worked, and refreshing flower in a field of common genres. You can check out her other singles below and patiently wait for her new album, with the rest of us, in the links down below.


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