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The Enchanting Ella Vos Performed an Intimate Show on her Microdose Tour in Atlanta

Edited by Brianna Garza

On December 11th, indie pop singer/songwriter Ella Vos performed an intimate show in Atlanta, Georgia. This was her second to last show of her Microdose tour which spanned over two weeks. Playing at the Masquerade, she began her set by creating a safe space for the crowd to feel comfortable and vulnerable. Although there were a few mishaps, she gracefully owned the stage and performed several tracks off her latest album, Superglue, and a couple of other fan favorites. She ended the night with a highly requested song that was shouted from the crowd called 'Rearrange'. Last, but not least opening the stage was the lovely Blond in Car, whose dream-pop melodies got the crowd swaying to every beat. This was a completely sweet show that warmed up every soul in the audience.

Blond In Car

Ella Vos


Ella Vos

Blond in Car


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