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Fox Revett and Laila Kharouba Explore Their Loss of Self in ‘I Think I’m Missing’

Edited by Amesha Tiwari

Fox Revett and Leila Kharouba's new collaborative single 'I Think I'm Missing' is a captivating pop song exploring the sacrifices of hopes and dreams to pursue something easier. This marks the first collaboration of long-time friends, and the perfect first solo release for Kharouba. 'I Think I'm Missing' features intricate and complex instrumentation and a powerful vocal performance from both Fox and Leila.

The lyrics of 'I Think I'm Missing' are heartfelt and honest. Fox and Laila describe the struggles of a long-distance relationship, and the loneliness they both feel while apart. Their words are carefully crafted, and the emotion in their delivery is powerful.

“Fox played the song for me in the car before the release and it left me speechless. After my break up earlier this year (relationship and band), I totally connect with feeling like I’ve lost myself and my identity. I still feel that way,” says Kharouba.

The production of 'I Think I'm Missing' is stunning, with an impressive mix of traditional instruments, modern synthesizers, and also samples of outdoors' sounds. The track has a full sound that is both lush and detailed and Fox and Laila's voices are crystal clear. Each instrument has its own space without cluttering the mix.

The song represents the difficulties of finding yourself in a world that encourages us to pull away from who we really are. Their first collab is a must-listen.


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