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Gabriel Munoz's Ethereal Single 'Fake Highs'

Gabriel Munoz is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter entering the pop music scene. When listening to his music, you can expect euphoric tunes accompanied by flirtatious lyrics. His single 'Fake Highs' is Gabriel's most recent single released in 2022 after songs such as '1 2 Meny' and 'Don't Want Me.' Throughout Gabriel's discography, there are themes of relationships and the aftermath.

'Fake Highs' is a single that highlights how hard life can be sometimes, along with the toxic coping mechanisms one can have. Gabriel is able to engage his listeners by calling out the hard truths of life in his songwriting.

"Another day goes by and everything feels the same. No more boys and booze to cope with the pain. Keep on running from my past. Life's been coming at me fast. How do you come up when you're so low?"


To handle the difficulties life can throw at us, 'Fake Highs' is a reflective single with a seductive and soothing melody. The guitar, snapping, and distorted to buttery vocals give the imagery of walking through a club endlessly not knowing where the night will take you.

We look forward to hearing more music from Gabriel Munoz! Check out his social media below.


Gabriel Munoz's Social Media


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