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Colony House 'Cannonballs' into An Unforgettable Performance at Bogart's

Words edited by Amesha Tiwari

On March 3rd, Colony House took the stage for an unforgettable show at Bogart's in Cincinnati, Ohio for The Cannonballers Tour.

Photos by Sydney Gregory

Diving into their newest album, Colony House took the stage to promote their newest album The Cannonballers. The crowd enjoyed their rhythmic and upbeat sound that combines surfer rock and 60's pop. The show included an acoustic set, a collaborative session between Colony House and Little Image, and a unique drumming arrangement. Lead singer, Caleb Chapman, even walked through the crowd to the back of the room at one point, connecting the audience.

The neon sign behind the band represented the logo of The Cannonballers album: a line drawing of a kid in red swim pants cannonballing. This washed the stage in a soft glow, emphasizing the intention of the tour. Nonetheless, the crowd sang at the top of their lungs for both old and new songs, reinforcing their excitement.

Overall, the band was incredibly grateful to their fans and often took time to reflect on their journey and thank their fans. It felt like a family atmosphere and made me appreciate the show much more. I can't wait to see them again and hear my favorite song Silhouettes.

You can see Colony House on the last few shows of their tour, and listen to their new album; The Cannoballers below!


Colony House's Social Media


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