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JAWNY Takes Over Detroit

JAWNY left his Detriot, MI at El Club audience wanting more on March 18th.

Photos by Sydney Gregory

After attending JAWNY's press conference, I knew his performance would be engaging in the best possible way. His casual and fun personality, which is evident both online and in person, made for a killer stage presence. The set started with a few slower songs, which he explained was to allow those trying to get into the sold-out venue to experience the energy with us. Immediately, we were jumping along to hit songs from his new album, It's Never Fair, Always True. Together, we shouted "oh-no" during 'Adios' and clapped along to 'Honeypie.' Under the light of cellphones across the venue, JAWNY declared Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' to be the national anthem of Michigan. JAWNY's infectious energy only deepened the crowd's connection to his music. Other fan favorites, such as 'Best Thing' and 'Take It Back,' also showcased his unique blend of indie rock, R&B, and pop.

Jawny is a rising musician known for crafting catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. His performance of 'Never Fair, It's Always True' is a great next step in his career. The crowd participation and his unique, fun personality made the show stand out to me, and I cannot wait to see him perform again!"

Upcoming Tour Dates

April 10 - Albuquerque, NM

April 12 - Phoenix, AZ

May 5 - San Luis Obispo, CA

July 21 - Portland, OR

September 22 - Las Vegas, NV


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