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Lua Flora, Flowers From the Fray Tour

On September 28th, Lua Flora performed at the Southgate Revival House in Newport, KY

Photos by Sydney Gregory

Originally from North Carolina, Lua Flora is a soul-folk band supporting SATSANG on their Flowers From the Fray tour. Previously a church in Newport, Kentucky, the venue Southgate Revival House was the perfect location to enjoy Lua Flora’s positive melodies. Off their new EP ‘One of the Joys,’ Lua Flora played ‘Pictures of My Life,’ ‘I Am Your Friend,’ and ‘One of the Joys.’ The chemistry on stage was beautiful to watch, often the guitarists would riff off each other's chords and smile as they worked together harmoniously. The crowd was encouraged to engage by clapping and humming along to the soft choruses.

Their name originates from the cycles of day and night, reminding us there will always be peace in tomorrow and how to be one with nature. Lua Flora’s compassion for each other poured out on stage as they embodied the feelings of a sun-kissed summertime in the woods and lifted your soul above the clouds. Even if someone had never heard Lua Flora before, their songs left an uplifting impression. Many of us left adding at least one of their songs to our playlists.

Shows continue on October 7 in Athens, GA, and October 8 in Knoxville, TN. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify to stay up to date!


Find Lua Flora Here

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