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The Lumineers by the Sea: A Breezy Evening of Music and Memories at the Jones Beach Theater

Edited by Tiffany Mercer

On August 18th at the Jones Beach Theater in New York, just steps away from sandy ocean beaches, The Lumineers captivated the audience with their music in their second stop on tour.

When stars emerged in the sky after the sun dipped below the horizon, The Lumineers followed the celestial cue to kick off their set. The crowd ignited with the opening trifecta of cherished hits 'Cleopatra,' 'Flowers in Your Hair,' and the anthemic 'Ho Hey.' Throughout the show, the band seamlessly transitioned between newer and older tracks in their decade-long discography.

The band’s camaraderie was palpable, and their interactions on stage created an atmosphere of warmth that reached every corner of the theater. Wesley Schultz, The Lumineers' singer-guitarist and co-founder, exuded a sense of belonging on stage, and led the ensemble with an enchanting ease. I was surrounded by fans who sang along to nearly every song with beaming smiles on their faces throughout the night, elevating the entire concert experience for everyone involved.

As the final chords of 'Stubborn Love' resonated to close out the show, the ocean's gentle whisper seemed to carry The Lumineers' melodies into the night—a testament to the enduring magic they conjured on the stage.

Witness the magic on one of their remaining tour dates found here!


The Lumineers

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