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The Weeks Celebrate Ten Years of Their Album Dear Bo Jackson with Anniversary Tour

Edited by Anna Mengani

On January 28th, The Weeks played a highly anticipated show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville as part of their anniversary tour.

Photos by Abby Dodgen

Lenox Hills

Chrome Pony

The Weeks

The Weeks, an alternative rock band created in Mississippi; celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their album Dear Bo Jackson on January 28th at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. After the opening sets by Lenox Hills and Chrome Pony; Cyle Barnes, Cain Barnes, Damien Bone, and Samuel Williams brought immense energy to the stage that the crowd matched immediately. The band's passion for what they do was intensely felt as I watched all of them perform. The fans up front sang every lyric right back to Cyle as the casual concert-goers possibly found a new favorite band. Everyone in that room was thrilled to witness and celebrate music and its ability to live beyond time.


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