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Ally Evenson's Heartbreaking Single Good Morning, Al

Ally Evenson is an indie/folk-rock rising singer based in Michigan. They started out their career with their crushing single “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore?” in 2020. Now, they're wrecking our hearts once again with their new single “Good Morning, Al.”

The single verbalizes the grief of losing someone. It shares the story of coming to the realization of someone really being out of your life. Ally expresses the understanding of first coming out of the “daydreaming” or denial stage of grief.

Ally included her grandmother's voicemail at the end which really gives the single a more intimate and despairing tone, especially with the heartwarming nickname given to Ally, “sweet honey, bye bye.” While the lyrics carry a wistful feeling, the soft guitar generates a tender accent that pulls together with the feeling of acceptance and reassurance the voicemail delivers.

This is an ideal single to stare off into the abyss and appreciate Ally’s comforting vocals and hypnotic guitar notes. A song to make your tears fall right when you feel you have no more left to shed, in hopefulness of course.

We look forward to Ally’s show on November 11th where they are the opening act for SunRoom at El Club Detroit!


Find Ally Evenson Here


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