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Gracie Abrams Releases New Introspective Single Difficult

Photo by Arianna Shooshani

Gracie Abrams continues to showcase her songwriting talent with her emotional pop single "Difficult." Produced and co-written with frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner (from The National), reveals a more upbeat and high-energy sound while staying true to herself.

"Difficult" starts off softly, but bluntly as she shares her feelings "My vision is only ampliflyin’ everything he isn’t". It is clear that Abrams uses her songwriting to express and understand her feelings, almost like a diary. She gets candid and retrospects herself and her life: her parents are getting older, she calls her therapists off-hours, and she is looking back on possible regrets.

This single deals with the consequence of growing up while struggling to get out of your head and to recognize tough feelings "I’m just scared of that commitment." Abrams’ forte is her songwriting: she has the ability to get vulnerable and share honestly. While this song feels gloomy, which matches the themes of the song, the acceleration throughout the chorus picture frustration and possible worry, rendering her strong emotions.

Abrams’ "Difficult" comes as a follow-up after her latest single "Block Me Out" was released last Spring, also produced by Aaron Dessner. We can’t wait to see the bedroom-pop singer share her vulnerability with us.


Find Gracie Abrams Here


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