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Screaming, Crying and Laughing with Grentperez

Edited by Anna Mengani

The twenty-one-year-old Filipino-Australian artist Grentperez (also known as Grant Perez); played a sold-out show at The Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee on November 8th.

Throughout the whole show and even during songs, Grent was joking and laughing with the crowd, who definitely shared the same type of internet-fueled humor. One fan brought a crochet hat that Grent ended up taking and wearing for the remainder of the show. He succeeded tremendously at making everyone in the room feel the warmth and love that his songwriting exudes. Grent's set was the perfect balance of slow, soft songs and more upbeat ones that had fans jumping and dancing. There were a number of fans in the packed crowd that knew most, if not all of the lyrics to his songs which was awesome to see. Overall, the energy in that room was so playful and warm and I was so happy to be there with everyone.




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