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D.C.'s Own Hero Magnus Hits Hard With 'Therapy Song'

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Hero laying on a white sheet talking on a pink landline phone.
Photo Credits: Dominique Richard

D.C. native Hero Magnus surprises me with the release of her single, 'Therapy Song.' This song was released on January 5th, 2024, and it had me absolutely floored by how good it was. This song is cute and full of poppy moments. It is soft and mostly acoustic. Her voice tells such a beautiful story. The song feels like it is about compromise. According to Hero, "I made "Therapy Song" in the college dorm studios at Yale with my producer, Jason Altshuler. My audience knows me for my 2021 EP Make Me a Man, rooted in queer history and literature. I'm so excited to share a different side of my music -- still gay and full of yearning, just a little snarkier. 'Therapy Song' is about a breakup that left me hoping that at least her therapist would be on my side. It's playful and funky with a touch of retro stylophone."

Hero's song is spunky and I think it sounds a lot like music I used to listen to years ago with artists like Dodie and Bebadoobee. The lyrics, while simple, are full of meaning and story. I think the lyrics that hit the most with me are "I'd be jealous if I weren't jaded. I wish I could give you a map of my mind. And you could read it and see if we're on the same side." This song sounds so preppy and happy, but it's a song about the struggles of life after a breakup. I think the inclusion of the stylophone was a beautiful touch, and I think that the song is just a bop in its entirety. If you haven't listened to her music before, I think that this song is the best starting point.

When the song says, 'I don't think this year is our year.' I think that isn't true when it comes to this song. Life can get better after a breakup or even after any stressful event. If you have ever gone through a rough breakup, this song will speak to you like nobody's business. I've been through it and wondered why they couldn't see it from my point of view at all, but maybe it was a good thing they couldn't see inside my head. No one knows what happens in your brain except you, and you'll never get your therapist to agree with you as much as you want. You should check out her other stuff if you liked this cute little song about a breakup.

Hero Magnus


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