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ICVRUS Is Online Again With Recent Single 'playstation'

Edited by Anna Mengani

ICVRUS dropped their album 404 with amazing new sounds, including the emotional single 'playstation.'

The single focus on a sense of alienation during the grieving process. It is about the feeling of friends saying they are there for you if you need anything, but never actually having the time. ICVRUS expresses their desire to spend time with their friend's online gaming, yet it seems like they, “never have the time/this happens all the time.” The single confesses the feeling of desperately trying to find someone you lost in the things around you. ICVRUS expresses this in what I think is the most touching verse in the song, “I’ve searched for your stars around but they haven’t shown.”

The single begins with a sound I can only describe as galactic, then transitions into a whimsical beat. The rest of the song has strong electronic rhythms. The part that stood out to me was the kind of glitchy cut-off plus the voicemail portions. These parts perfectly portray the thought process of remembering. I feel it is usually hard to express any kind of emotion in electronic music but ICVRUS does a great job, especially with adding voice messages. It just adds a stronger vulnerability to it.

ICVRUS has a way of pulling listeners in with the magnetic tune and keeping them entertained with the deep meaning in their lyrics. 'playstation' has me invested now. We will be on the lookout for future music from ICVRUS!


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