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Insider: JAWNY Reveals Writing Process for New Album and the Effects of Fame

Less than a year ago, JAWNY opened for Oliver Tree on Oliver’s Cowboys Don’t Cry Tour. When they played in Cincinnati, I was pulled in by his energy and unique lyrics. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a press conference and hear first-hand from JAWNY. Happy to see the same on-stage energy, JAWNY shared the intention behind his new album It's Never Fair, Always True, his philosophy on music writing and storytelling, and how fame has changed his process.

He describes the new album as the album he always dreamt of making. Like many musicians when they first start making music, JAWNY had to produce on his own with the instruments, software, and time he could make available. Everything is different being signed on a big label. With more resources available, the album could have a cohesive journey. For him, it was important that the people listening could build their own meaning into the songs so they can use it to express their emotions. Thus, It's Never Fair, Always True is first poppy and fun then leads up to the “deepest sad ever.”

When talking about the creation process for his single 'true,’ JAWNY gave us a peek into his unconventional writing style. The chords to ‘true’ had been around for years sitting in his phone memos just waiting to be fabricated into a song. For the lyrics, he “faked it into existence,” meaning he would play the chords on repeat and have an outward poetry session until he found lyrics that stick. He explained it’s a fun laid-back way to make music for yourself. When working with a big label, songs have to come together quickly so he feels as long as he can make music for himself then it will find an audience that likes it.

As a photographer highly critical of her own work, I was inspired by his writing philosophy. Granted, his relationship with writing did not happen overnight. He emphasized that he was glad ‘Honeypie’ picked up when it did, saying that so many kids get famous at 16, making it really hard to adjust. He had time to develop himself, leading him to strive for what makes him happy when making music. When ‘Honeypie’ took off, he went through the process of loving it and hating it. Once he finally accepted that people will take it and make it something it means to them, he was able to restructure his writing process. It's Never Fair, Always True is a deep dive into this philosophy and I am confident JAWNY new album will be a treat for all its listeners!

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