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No Place Like Home: Jack & Jack Spend St. Patrick's Day With Fans in Richmond, VA

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Richmond, Virginia, was ablaze with excitement on March 17th as Jack & Jack, the singer/rap duo from Omaha, Nebraska, took the stage at the Canal Club for a Saint Patrick's Day performance that left the duo stunned by the energy in the room. For fans who had been eagerly awaiting their return, the concert was a long-awaited reunion, as the last time Jack & Jack embarked on a tour was in 2019 when they took their debut album, A Good Friend Is Nice, across North America. Since then, the duo has made several changes, including leaving their record label, only to make a triumphant return with their highly anticipated sophomore album titled Home.

The No Place Like Home Tour kicked off in Nashville on March 13th, with Richmond marking the fourth stop of their East Coast journey. As the lights dimmed and anticipation reached a fever pitch, Jack Gilinsky opened the show with the popular hit 'Thought I Was Dead' from their latest album, later joined on stage by Jack Johnson to finish the song. Tracks like 'Bonnie & I', 'Stuttering', and 'Control' kept the energy high as fans danced and sang along. To slow the set back down, the duo performed a cover of 'Where Does Your Spirit Go' by The Kid LAROI. The song holds special significance to the duo, and Jack Johnson followed it with a heartfelt and passionate poem reflecting on the struggles of life and the search for where home is, a connection to the album title track 'Home', resonating deeply with everyone in the room.

Adding to the excitement, the duo performed a medley of hit songs from their discography, including early hits like 'Flights,' 'Wild Life,' and 'Cold Hearted,' Long-time friend Sammy Wilk, who opened the show, also joined the duo on stage to perform their new collaboration on the album, 'Paranoid.' But the surprises didn't end there. To end the evening, Jack & Jack brought out their friend Nate Maloley, professionally known as Skate, to join them and Sammy Wilk on stage. Together, the four of them delivered an electrifying performance of their re-recorded major hit, 'Like That,' hyping up the crowd to end the night off with a bang.

As the final notes faded away and the crowd erupted into cheers, it was clear that Jack & Jack's performance in Richmond, VA, was more than just a performance -- it was an unforgettable experience that left hearts full and spirits soaring. With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, the duo proved why they are adored so much by their fans.

It's only the beginning of this new era for Jack & Jack.

Jack & Jack

Sammy Wilk


Jack & Jack

Sammy Wilk


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