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Jamie Ignites Charts With Explosive EP One Bad Night

Edited by Anna Mengani

After six months, Jamie is officially back with her Iconic EP One Bad Night released on October 5th, 2022. The EP was first announced in August and fans have been eagerly waiting since. The EP has five songs in total with both hip-hop and R&B themes throughout, paired with addictive beats. The songs touch on several topics ranging from the excitement of a night out with your closest girlfriends to the feeling of pain and yearning in every heartbreak. Every track on the EP is a good listen with each having a unique vibe.

The title track of the EP, "3D Women" starts with an infectious beat and Jamie's captivating vocals. Jamie has a wonderful voice that you can never get tired of listening to. This song is the only song on the EP featuring a music video and it did not disappoint! She wanted to depict a party that you could see on Netflix, like from Elite or Euphoria. A party where everyone is free, wearing what they want and doing what they want.

The single "Honesty” is about the pain of heartbreak and the uncertainty you feel when you’re unsure of why a relationship went sour. It has a smooth Jazz vibe to it with a catchy beat paired with Jamie's soothing vocals. This song adds a nice flavor to the EP being the only ballad featured.

"Bedtime Story” is a song with a chill vibe made in collaboration with Gemini. The song has a smooth R&B vibe. It’s about sexual desire and wanting to make love to someone and not take things slow. Both Gemini and Jamie sound amazing with their chill and sultry voices. Even if you don’t know what the lyrics are about you can still feel the general vibe of the song!

Jamie has been in the music industry for years starting all the way back in 2011 when she participated in the first season of the widely known music show K-pop star and won. She had the opportunity to sign with JYP entertainment in May of 2012. She did multiple things after that including debuting in a group and as a solo artist, playing in a drama, becoming a model, and many other things. She consistently shows us why she’s in the spotlight. I can’t wait to see what else Jamie has in store for fans.

Starting with her first-ever North American tour, be sure to get your tickets asap!


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