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Jaw Talk Shares 'Wasted Days,' a Memo to Live Life to the Fullest

Edited by Anna Mengani

Jaw Talk releases new single Wasted Days, about living life to the fullest.

Jaw Talk's newest single 'Wasted Days' is an inspiring and reflective single that transports the listener back to the 70s. With the band drawing influence from the rock and soul of the 60s, they bring a classic rock sound to their music. The track is full of energy and enthusiasm, recorded mostly live in a garage in the San Fernando Valley and inspired by the local bands of the LA scene in the 1970s. To further display their rock inspirations, Jaw Talk recorded most of the basic tracks to a tape machine, which left artistic imperfections that give the single its unique charm.

Jaw Talk mostly uses an instrumental arrangement of electric guitars, giving a new dimension to their music. The drums make the song lively and friendly, and the lyrics are passionate and genuine. Listeners of 'Wasted Days' can experience the California sunshine, beachy vibes, and the joy of living fully and freely.

'Wasted Days' being their first single of 2023, we can only hope to hear more from them in the next few months. Their music speaks to a lot of people and even made appearances in TV shows like Brooklyn 99, Shameless, or The Good Doctor.

With Jaw Talk encouraging listeners to “listen loud," 'Wasted Days' is an excellent reminder that life is too short to let any moments pass by. It’s an inspiring and energetic track, with a cool 70s atmosphere, and a reminder to make the most of every day.


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