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Jonah Kagen Works Overtime With New Single graveyard shift

Edited by Ari Hamed

Jonah Kagen first began his career on TikTok after his sister convinced him to post his music on the platform. On Tiktok he gained success with his first single, “broken." Since then, Jonah has released multiple songs and spent a month supporting Maisie Peters on her You Signed Up For This Tour. Jonah is now back with "graveyard shift," an emotionally reassuring single and music video. The release comes in anticipation of his debut EP georgia got colder, to be released on December 2nd.

"graveyard shift” focuses on the emotional part of a relationship with someone that you care about. Jonah reassures his partner that he will be there for them no matter the circumstances, “no matter how dark it gets.” Jonah supports them by expressing he feels the same at times. He understands the fight of battling emotions and thoughts you can’t control. Jonah reveals his own struggle in the chorus, "there's a sorrow in your soul that I recognize / I've been followed by the same ghosts for all my life.”

Jonah is amazing at expressing emotions through his voice. In "graveyard shift." the part that really stuck with me is in the outro, "tell me what's heavy on you / please don't apologize.” You can feel a sense of desperation in his words. He’s reaching out, almost pleading, in an effort to comfort you and make sure you don’t feel as though your “ghosts” are a burden on him.

"'graveyard shift' came out of one of the wildest days of my life. The song didn’t come until I truly let go—I stopped trying to write a song and just let the world show me what it wanted to, and an incredibly special story appeared. I really think you can feel the sentiment of 'letting go' in the song, and I hope you love it as much as I do."

-Jonah Kagen

The single features an acoustic guitar which strengthens the overall reassuring tone. The guitar feels comforting and Jonah’s voice leaves you with hopeful warmth. His sound reminds me a lot of Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis. Especially Dean Lewis, as they both have a potent acoustic style with heavy topics and lyrics.

This song is going in my "Personal Diary” playlist and will be on repeat until the new album drops.


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