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Jun Releases Enticing Single Limbo

Jun from the K-pop group Seventeen is back with his powerful new single "Limbo." The single was released to all major streaming platforms on September 23rd, 2022 in both Korean and Chinese. "Limbo" is his third solo digital single and undoubtedly highly anticipated. In the week leading up to its release, fans were surprised by the conceptual photo and video teasers that showed a side of Jun that has rarely been seen in his performances before.

In 2021, Jun released two Chinese solo tracks, "Crow" and "Silent Boarding Gate." Both songs showcased his soft and tender vocals backed by gentle acoustics. "Limbo" presents an impressive contrast to these songs and explores a new sound for his solo work. "Limbo" is dark and sultry. The single features a strong beat with accompanying guitar riffs that entices his listeners. Jun effortlessly shows off his vocal range with the help of his smooth, yet raspy tone that accompanies the heavy instrumental in this addictive song.

While the song is charming, it truly comes to life when combined with the stunning visuals presented in the music video. The juxtaposition of light and dark scenes paired with a jaw-dropping wardrobe does an amazing job of capturing the seductive feel of the song. The accompanying music video for the Korean version of "Limbo" can be watched on the HYBE Labels YouTube channel with currently 3.2 million views.

Jun has not announced plans for any additional upcoming music releases. However, his group Seventeen is quickly preparing for a comeback with their 1st Japanese EP titled Dream, to be released on November 11th, 2022!


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