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Hit 'Save As' With Jun Lucas' Single

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Jun sitting in Adidas sneakers in a black & white outfitl
Photo Cred; Jun Lucas

A South African-born child of Chinese immigrants living the American dream his parents wanted for him. Pursuing music at the best music school in the world, Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, thanks to the dedication and support of his family both in South Africa and in China, who truly became his biggest supporters and fans. While many would take that kind of dedication as pressure, instead Jun Lucas has taken it as the gift and motivation it was meant to be and has soared in his pursuits. Producing his own music and music videos while amassing a fan base that is rapidly growing every single day. He always interacts with his fans on a nearly daily basis, just to keep things interesting, and always hosts live streams where he showcases his talent and shows off his works in progress. One song in particular that has caught fans attention is, 'Save As', a relatable song chronicling the battle between whether or not one should cross that line between friendship or something more and wishing there was some way to do it without the risk of losing what you have.

'Save As' is one of the two singles that Jun has released, both in digital and music video format, that dropped in March of 2023. The song is a poppy track with lots of synth and bass. The song highlights the fear of losing a friend due to pursuing feelings being more than just friends, but wanting to be able to go back to how things were, if it turns out they were not reciprocated. A desire to try if you could just save the friendship where it was before you confessed your feelings, with the lyrics,

 "Losing my cool. Lookin' like a fool. Confused about what to do. Don't wanna lose what we have. Wish I could hit ‘save as’ so if I lose you, I'll go back."

I feel like everyone has had that one person that they want to do that with at least once. I know I've had that experience and then wished I could've gone back to how things were before I said anything. He also breaks down into a rap that is in Mandarin, which I think is a super cool addition to the song and not something you hear every day. I think it’s a unique twist on a pop song, especially one with rap in it, to have it be in a language you grew up with. It keeps the feel of the K-pop that he has been so inspired by but truly makes it his own by using his own familial language in the same fashion.


Jun Lucas


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