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Key is BACK With Jaw- Dropping Album Gasoline

Key of SHINee is back with his exciting second studio album titled Gasoline. He took inspiration for this album from retro horror films and his childhood. Key remembers horror films from when he was a child that terrified him and going back to them as an adult to find them funny or cute. In total the album includes eleven songs, four of which he participated in the songwriting process: “G.O.A.T”, “I Can’t Sleep”, “Proud”, and “Gasoline.” Every track has a unique sound and feel to it with strong emphasis on the background sounds.

He performed his first single on the album “Gasoline” at the SMTOWN concert ahead of its official release. With strong vocals paired with a horn style beat that’s addictive to listen to, you're in for a mesmerizing listening experience with both pop and hip hop tones throughout the song. One day after its release, “Gasoline” ranked 1 on the iTunes Chart in 23 countries proving just how loved Key is as an artist.

“Bound”, one of my personal favorite songs on Gasoline,embodies retro horror to me which fits perfectly with the inspiration of the album. The track gives me the vibes of a predator hunting its prey.

The fourth track “Burn” is a song about heartbreak, starting with a melancholy piano intro followed by Key singing with intense emotion. "Burn" transitions into a more fast-paced funky song later into the track.

Towards the end of Gasoline is the song “I can’t sleep." A refreshing song with a light airy guitar and wonderful vocals. This song reminds me of the beginning of spring when everything starts growing again, just what the spooky dark album needs to lift the spirits of listeners.

“Another Life” has a funky feel to it with Keys' signature vocals paired with an electric beat. The track feels like an uplifting anthem and I love that.

Key is an Iconic figure in the Korean music industry from an extremely well-known second-generation Kpop group that has seen major success worldwide from their debut in May of 2008 to the present. From selling out stadiums to completely changing the Korean music format, he has been a key part of the evolution of the Kpop industry we see today.

From his debut song with SHINee Replay in 2008 all the way to his first album as a solo artist Face in 2018, he continues to show us why he is one of the best performers around.


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