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KID BRUNSWICK Releases Emotionally Heavy Single 'Heaven Without You'

Edited by Anjali Harrichan

KID BRUNSWICK is an alt-rock artist from London, England. His music combines hip-hop and hard-rock with electronic and metal elements. He recently released his newest single, 'Heaven Without You,' on April 13, 2023.

'Heaven Without You' is a dark, infectious, emotional hard-rock song with thunderous metal elements. The song consists of a subtle yet intense, aggressive instrumental, heartbreaking emotional lyrics, a bone-crushing breakdown, and intimate yet emphatic vocals that will cause you to instinctively head-bang to the sad, poignant vibe the music evokes.

The song starts with an irresistibly riveting intro consisting of a consistent, simple thumping drumbeat and a hypnotic guitar melody guaranteed to hook your attention. The verses are calmly subdued compared to the rest of the song. They consist of a tranquil guitar riff and clean vocals paired with a sense of vulnerability. The chorus erupts with a dynamic, high-energy instrumental and a primarily desperate vocal delivery as he sings the heartbreakingly touching, relatable lyrics:

"But I wish you well, and I wish I could tell you that it hurts like hell, but it’s heaven without you."

The song has an electrifyingly, tantalizing post-chorus that causes the melody to permanently live in your mind. It also has an explosive, unapologetic, boisterous breakdown with dense, primal screaming vocals.

'Heaven Without You' delivers a thrilling, emotional, heavy hard-rock and metal experience. It is a perfect listen for anyone looking for a prominently sad, empathetically relatable, aggressive hard-rock song. Check out KID BRUNSWICK's music and social media below!

Upcoming Shows

May 22nd - Omera, London


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